The Goatnada War
The Iconic G-K Mk. II Rifle, which dominated almost all combat during The Goatnada war, as traditional beam weapons proved less effective in the commonly cold, foggy climate, as well as the harsh, dirty environment.
Some attributes
First Combatants

The UN Coalition-

The Galactic British Empire
The Duchy of Austria
The Empire of France

The Galactic British Territory of Goatnada

Second Result
Decisive British Victory
Third Commanders & Strength

The UN Coalition-

Sir Charles Ruthford (The Galactic British Empire)
Otto Von Kritz (The Duchy of Austria)
Sir Carolus Magnus (The Empire of France)
4 Infantry Divisions (38,547 Men)
1 Cavalry Division (19,250 Men)
1 Navy Division (9,308 Men)

The Galactic British Territory of Goatnada-

Sir Ovo
Numerous unknown insurgent leaders
Goatnada Defense Force (~10,000 Men)
~100,00 Insurgents
Other attributes
The Goatnada War was a war in the series of The Galactic War for Freedom, spearheaded by The British Galactic Empire against a smaller planet known as Ewe-38. The main reason for the war were the numerous insurgencies popping up in Goatnada, the main super-power on Ewe-38. The war, while not a particularly long one, was a gruesome and bloody battle, and ended with poor relations with the colony. This is mainly due to The British Galactic Empire completely destroying towns and areas to combat the rising number of insurgents in the later months of the war. The war lasted only one Earth year and thirteen days.

Operations Edit

Operation Mutton

Operation Jungle Fury

Operation Ramhorn

Siege of Goatnada

UN Participants and Divisions Edit

The UN Participants that gave troops (rather than offering aid, supplies, et cetera) were The Duchy of Austria and The Empire of France, both of whom only gave one division. The divisions under The British Galactic Empire were:

1st Division (Eastern Empire)

28th Cavalry Division

94th Division (Made up primarily of Natives, as such it was a smaller division, only about nine thousand men)

10th Royal Marine Division

Public Opinion Edit

The Goatnada war was very popular with British Galactic citizens, and even with many Goatnadians during the first weeks of the war. However, soon horrors such as Operation Mutton surfaced, and public opinion soon changed about the war, and The Galactic British Empire dealt with tons of abandonment by Goatnadians troops and sympathizers.

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